Minecraft Card Game: Is It Fun and Worth Buying?

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The Minecraft Card Game

Card games are the some of the best games to play for families and for people of all ages. There is something so special about finding a game that works great for everyone, that gets people off their phones and concentrating on something else. With all the card games available to buy today, it can be a hard task to know what one is the best one to get, especially if you are looking for a family friendly game. One game available is The Minecraft Card Game, based off the hit 8-bit video game. So, is it worth buying?

At a Glance

Mattel Games Minecraft Card Game
359 Reviews
Mattel Games Minecraft Card Game
  • Keep building the fun with the Minecraft Card Game
  • Mine, Craft or Reserve to win
  • Includes Resource, Craft, TNT, Creeper and Wild cards
  • Reach the game point goal first and win!
  • A great gift for any Minecraft fan!


The Minecraft Card Game comes with a variety of features to have a blast playing this game! Some of these features include:

  • Mine, craft, or reserve to win
  • Comes with all resource, craft, TNT, Creeper, and Wild Cards
  • If you get to the goal game point first you win
  • Lets you create the fun of the famous 8-bit video game
  • Dig deeper into the world of Minecraft
  • So play begins by mining the resource cards consisting of wood, stone, iron, diamond, and goal
  • You use the resource cards to get craft cards for points
  • Craft cards then become tools with special powers
  • The player who reaches the game point goal wins!
  • Comes with 25 craft cards, 24 woods cards, 11 wild cards, 9 stone cards, 8 iron cards, 7 gold cards, 6 diamond cards, 5 creeper cards, 5 TNT
  • Cards, and 4 Card Holders
  • Great for ages 8 plus
  • Can play with two to four players
  • Takes 15-30 minutes to play

Minecraft Card Game


  • Great for all players young and old
  • Really unique game, that builds on the famous minecraft game
  • Captures the mood and idea of the video game
  • Bigger cards are easy to read as they have symbols and no writing
  • Great for minecraft fans and lovers
  • Quality of cards is really high and durable


  • A lot of instructions to learn, I found it difficult to learn without knowing anything about the video game
  • After a week, the buzz about the game starts becoming less and less
  • Very complicated game


Just before I tell you about my final verdict about the Minecraft Card Game, I do want to remind you that this is all my personal preference. Generally, I do find card games, and any type of game to play, greatly relies on your interests and what you are looking for. Personally, I usually look for a game that is great to host parties and have fun with young adults. This is why I generally lean towards games such as Cards Against Humanity and Drunk, Stoned, Or Stupid; however, I do understand the need for family games. Without games that are good for all ages, it can be hard; especially this day in age to find a game that everyone can play young and old. That is why I have been on the lookout as well for great games that can be enjoyed by all.

With all that being said, I only recommend the Minecraft card game to people who are fans of the 8-bit video game, or enjoy really complicated strategic card games. I have seen many people who love playing this game and play it effectively but I found I just couldn’t get into it. I tried playing first with a group of three adults and the rules were so complicated that it took a lot of time to get the game going. I couldn’t imagine trying to explain it to someone younger than 10, but I’m sure they would pick up on it after a few tries. But even when you get the hang of the game, I still found it to be dull after sometime and just didn’t hold my attention for long.

A good aspect is that you can take it on the road, but I find I enjoy strategy games such as Settlers of Cataan or Risk a whole lot more! The Minecraft card game is really cheap to buy, so if you are interested it won’t be a huge financial investment on your part.

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