Watch Ya’ Mouth Party Game Review: Does It Live Up to The Hype?

In this Watch Ya Mouth Party Game Review, we look at how much fun it is for players wear cheek retractors while teammates guess what they are saying.

Watch Ya' Mouth Family Edition

Watch Ya Mouth Party Game Review at a Glance:

ENJOY FUN WITH FRIENDS OR FAMILY: 3-10 Players wear cheek retractors and speak out phrases while teammates guess what they are saying. Includes 143 Family-Safe Phrases. Great for all ages including kids who are 8+

4.6 out of 5 stars

Over 16,000 Reviews

Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition – The Authentic, Hilarious, Mouthguard Party Game

  • The Authentic, Hilarious, Mouthguard Party Game
  • Teams of players, hampered by cheek retractors, attempt to read and interpret phrases
  • 3-10 Players wear cheek retractors (one at a time) and speak out phrases

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Every year around Christmas, there is one board game that outsells them all. This can be due to clever marketing, fantastic commercials, and, as of recent years, viral marketing.

Personally, when I see a funny video of people playing new board games and it looks like fun, it makes me want to buy it. This is especially true for the new board game, “Watch Ya Mouth Family Edition Party Game.”

I saw this game being played by guests on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and it looked so hilarious that I went out and bought it right away. The founders of the game are Peter, Alison, Rueben, and Andreas, who raised money for the game through a Kickstarter campaign to get where it is today.

The idea for the product came from them watching the movie, “The Boss,” starring Melissa McCarthy. There is one scene where she is in a dental clinic wearing cheek retractors and trying to talk.

They thought that would be a hilarious idea for a game and just rolled with it. So, does the game live up to the hype and is it worth buying?




The Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition Party Game comes with a variety of features to have a blast playing this game. Some of these features include:

  • This is the original, authentic Watch Ya’ Mouth Game
  • You divide into teams, and one person wears the famous cheek retractors while reading something out loud, the other teammates attempt to figure out what you are saying
  • This package includes 143 phrases that are safe for the whole family (no dirty words at all)
  • You can buy even more expansion packs to add onto the game, such as an “adult-only” one
  • Great for anyone over the age of 8!
  • Can work with unlimited number of players
  • Fantastic for families, for game night, a gathering, or party
  • Cards are made thick and very durable
  • Warning: may induce deep belly laughter, cramps, and you to cry from laughter
  • Very easy to learn and no time limit, can play for hours
  • Great friend and family bonding experience
  • Comes with 10 FDA and CE Certified Mouthpieces (they are also called in the game as “cheek retractors”
  • All mouthpieces are dishwasher and boiling water safe
  • Comes with six medium-sized cheek retractors, and four small ones for younger players
  • The cards are laminated and printed in full color
  • Each card set is uniquely color coded so you don’t use the same one twice
  • Over 1,000 phrases available (across all the expansion packs); some are just two words and others are ten

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  • Hilarious game
  • Can play for hours
  • Great for the whole family
  • The expansion packs allow you to customize your gameplay (adults only, etc.)
  • Cards are durable and will last a long time
  • Mouth guards are very comfortable


  • Beware of knock offs: There are several on and other websites that are not the real game, and come poorly built
  • While it is fun, after a while could get old
  • Need to buy expansion packs to get new material

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Verdict: Is Watch Ya’ Mouth Fun?

Before I get to my final verdict, let me remind you of one thing: This is my opinion. Playing board games is a lot of fun but it all depends on the type of style you prefer.

Some people love strategy games, and others love silly games; I recommend before you buy it to test it out at someone’s house who already owns it.

I absolutely love Watch ‘Ya Mouth and recommend it. It is hilarious and the best part is, it brought my family even closer together.

The game is not hard to play at all and we even got our little 5-year-old to understand how to play. You may need to buy additional expansion packs to keep the game current, but I recommend buying this hilarious game.


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